Moments of Grace in the Community

Moments of Grace in the Community:

* A fellow yoga student opened the door to the studio for me as I was carrying my baby, mat and large bottle of water and then signed me in so I didn’t have to juggle it all. It was especially appreciated because I hadn’t had much sleep! (1/27/2012)

* The girl watching student’s kids during yoga talked with me and shared she had an 8 month old (born on my baby’s due date, actually!)  and we shared about the common bond of birthing/motherhood. It helped me feel less alone. (1/27/2012)

* My daughter showed up with two mechanical #2 pencils to take the SAT today and I didn’t realize mechanical pencils weren’t allowed during the test until just before it was time for her to go in. There was no time to go to the store to buy one.  The man at the sign in desk found a pencil he had and gave it to my daughter even though he was under no obligation and could have just sent us away.  He saved the day and a total disappointment and breakdown for my daughter!  She got a grace filled pencil!! (1/28/2012)

*Today in yoga the teacher took the time/energy to facilitate a focused Shavasana focusing on each student to take us deeper by bringing each to awareness within it. (1/30/2010)

*My therapist allows me to write to him (email) what I want to write usually anywhere between 548 to  876, 575 times per week between sessions and he actually reads them all. (ongoing)

*My therapist doesn’t slam me out on the cold hard pavement on my ass after hard sessions (when I’m dissociating) and gives me the time to leave like a dignified human. Enormous grace beyond words. (ongoing)

1 thought on “Moments of Grace in the Community”

  1. I enjoyed reading these moments. I hope you have more moments of “Grace Within”
    I tried thinking of a few moments of grace…thanks for my thoughts!!

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