Moments of Grace at Home

Moments of Grace at Home:

* My 7 month old taking over an hour-long afternoon nap. (1/25/2012)

*My teenage daughter put in a CD in the car as we arrived home after I picked her up from school.  She left it on a specific track and then got out of the car seemingly angry with me.  I had to go somewhere this evening and invited her with me, but she wouldn’t come with me.  I got in the car and the song she left me was “Seven Years” by Norah Jones.  She let me spend the rest of the evening with her when I returned.  We talked, played on her keyboard together, ate dinner and watched a movie.   Tonight was GRACE. (1/25/2012)

* Listening to my daughter sing in the shower.  Singing is her favorite.  I know she’s ok when I hear her singing.  I adore her voice.  (1/25/2012)

*Sitting at the dinner table with my family (2 daughters and husband), home cooked meal and a prayer to start it all out(without darkness taking a seat among us) relaxed conversation and laughter between us all (1/27/2012)

*My husband cleaned up the dishes and picked up around the house while I rested in bed for about an hour after he got home from work.  (2/1/2012)

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