Moments of Grace

The purpose of this page and it’s sub-pages is to serve as a place to put those “Moments of Grace” that I come upon in my daily life.  Too often I brush them off, or worse, deny them.  This year is about participating in my own life-the good and the not-so-good.  It’s also about hope and healing.

I don’t want the hope and healing part I’m after to get bogged down or overtaken by the purely just “getting through the day” part.  My intention is for these pages to help bring my focus to immediate and identifiable places where grace and light live in my day-to-day experiences.  And…Grace is always better when shared, so I’m putting these occasions here on my blog to share for anyone who happens to pass by who could use some of their own.  Of course, it’s a two-way street here, so if you ever want to share one of your moments of Grace here too, that’s more than welcome!  Just drop it off in the comments section! 🙂

Not sure what I mean by “Moment of Grace”?  

To me a Moment of Grace can really almost be anything that makes  life better, brighter or more free, even if just for an instant.  It’s a breath, a pause in your hectic day, the surprise of a gift given or received that lifts your spirits, a massage, a thought, a helping hand, a smile, a feeling, a shared connection with something or someone,  the joy a pet brings to your life, a child’s rosy smile, or even the more practical things,for instance, like for the mom’s out there… it could be getting to use the restroom alone  and in peace!  Moments of Grace don’t have to be serious.  In fact, probably the most serious Moments of Grace are not “serious” at all!

So it’s possible for a moment to be large or small, long or short, simple or complex, serious or silly…

One thing is for sure.  I know Grace is present, or at least available, to everyone every day.  Sometimes finding it is in the practice of it, alone.


* Being able to make a homemade meal for a friend who had surgery yesterday (1/25/2012)

*My friend gave me a magnet that she said she’s had since September, but just gave it to me tonight.  It says, “Cherish those gentle joys that breathe life into your day.”  It  wouldn’t have meant the same to me back in September.  I really wouldn’t have understood it. Definitely some Grace involved that I got it tonight. I am cherishing it (and my friend.) (1/25/2012)

*Today the sermon/selected scripture (Mark 1:21-28) spoke seemingly directly to me and brought understanding and peace. (1/29/2012)

*Getting a “Good Morning” text from a friend. (2/7/2012)

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