This is my journey.  I will be posting to this blog daily, at the least when the mood strikes me.  I may write 2 or more times (out of necessity), but I will never flood the system.  I didn’t know what this blog would be about when I started on the 1st of this year (2012), and I still don’t really know the specifics.  It’s a “big picture” kind of blog journey with small, specific daily bites.  I never know what I am biting off.  Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.  So far there’s been no casualties.

So maybe that’s what this blog is about: not being a casualty…and the process of life.  And the magic and mystery along the way…

A few details I can offer:  I’m  married with 2 daughters (13 years and 7 months).  I raised my first daughter as a single mom for 9 years after divorcing her dad when she was 3 (almost 4). I’m in therapy dealing with chronic long terms effects of abuse that has spanned my lifetime.  I like refined sugar a lot and I like to exercise and stay healthy just as much. Being a mother has been the biggest blessing and challenge of my entire existence.  I’m pretty sure they are little God machines (only not machine-like at all) because I have learned EVERYTHING through them!

I recently started a yoga practice to help rehabilitate my injured knees and it may help rehab my whole body from the inside out.

I’m learning how to pray.  I asked my therapist to pray with/for me and he’s the first one who ever has agreed to it.  This seems to be helping rehab my soul.

I do not give up well.  Sometimes that works in my favor and sometimes it doesn’t.  I think it just means I’m going to have an interesting, long journey.  And if God is involved in this I have a whole lot of talking to do with Him/It/The Force/The Light….whatever.

Last, but not least, I have a story to tell!

I would love to meet you somewhere along the way!

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