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I want to come here often, but the time I have is so small and the amount to get out is so large, it keeps any words from forming.  No matter what makes its way to the screen it feels like something vital will be left behind.  So it all sits in the dark and waits and becomes wilted.

And then a new storm comes and the last one is old news, even if it was a F5 tornado and whole cities were wiped out.

I mean, in the span of a few days we’ve lost family members-not in physical form, but in emotional ties, and even that has not made an appearance.

There is TOO much in my life.  So it’s funny that I am constantly coming up against a theme of LOSS.

My baby sleeps.  I must choose.  Stay in pajamas with mascara circles under my eyes and work to get out words that I already know will not have enough time and space at this hour,  or run up to my room for a quick shower.

Shower trumps all.  I need to get clean so I can go out after my daughter wakes up from her nap and hopefully get sweaty again.

The stories of my life will have to marinate in it…