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The day has come.

I knew it would come.  I’ve prepared for it for years.

I don’t know when it hit me that I knew this would be part of the story, but the feeling/knowledge has been around seemingly forever.  Maybe it’s something as simple as breath…and it originates with the breath and wherever breath comes from.

Simple, huh…that breathing thing.

Yeah.    Right.

A couple of months ago I posted here about breathing and a guy, Max Strom, who teaches people how to breathe.

A few weeks after I discovered Max Strom and his dedication to breathing I went to a yoga class at my local studio and learned that he was coming to see me!  Ok, maybe his intention was not to come see me, but he was coming to lead some classes at the very studio I attend!

And it all begins tonight.

What begins?

FORGIVENESS.  Oh yeah, forgiveness.

Forgiveness?  I thought this was about breathing!?

It has sometimes seemed almost like a dirty word.

In the world of healing it’s one of the very biggest words I can think of…just to even think of.

Loaded.  Like guns are sometimes loaded.  Big.

Max Strom, the guy who is a respected yoga teacher who also understands the importance of breathing in life is starting off with a bang by presenting a lecture aptly titled, “The Healing Power of Forgiveness”

I have an inkling that these tissues I picked up recently are soon going to have the perfect occasion for their début.

Forgiveness Tissues?

Some years ago, after the abuse from my former therapist and after the extended stay on a (emotional) trauma unit in a hospital, I picked up a book titled, “Daily Affirmations For Forgiving & Moving On-Powerful Inspiration for Personal Change” by Tian Dayton, Ph.D.

Like I said, I knew a long time ago this day would come.  I at least hoped for it to.  It was at least on my mind.

My heart wanted to want it.

I am heart-scared.  I am the cowardly lion.

I’m walking into that realm.  I’ve had this book and scary thoughts and deep gut feelings for years that one day dealing with the topic of Forgiveness would enter onto my path.  I tried to look at the “Forgiveness Book” when I purchased it, but never really made it past the title, itself.

I didn’t know what exactly was in there, but I wasn’t ready for it.

It was foreign.  It even seemed insulting.  Yet, I still knew I needed it.  I wanted it.  I spent my hard-earned cash on it.  At the time I was single and not even close to making ends meet and I still bought this book.

Now, I know there’s no magic in this book.  There probably won’t necessarily be “magic” in Max’s lecture tonight, as much as I’m extremely excited about being in person to hear it.  But the magic-or the real scary blessing-is that the presence of this in my life has arrived.

And the timing, of all things!

And here’s another interesting tidbit.  I had even forgotten that I had the Forgiveness Affirmations book until yesterday when my 10-month old baby daughter was checking out the bookcase and started pulling books off the shelf to show me.

Guess what she handed me….

You got it!

So, tonight I’m attending Max Strom’s lecture on The Healing Power of Forgiveness.  And if you’re wondering, I did actually purchase his breathing DVD titled “Learn to Breath to Heal Yourself and Your Relationships” like I said I would in my February post. It’s still sitting, safe and sound, in the hidden darkness of it’s DVD case.  I took it out once to preview it while I cleaned the house.  I thought it looked exceptionally good and like something I really needed.  And that’s where my breathing practice ended.

But now here it is.  The real deal, living and breathing right in front of me.

And I’m ready, ready or not.

It’s going to be a busy few days.

I am signed up for tonight’s lecture on Forgiveness as well as Movement and Breathing workshops for Saturday and Sunday, consecutively titled, “Avoiding a Near Life Experience” “Transformational Breath” and “Your Next Fifty Years: Breath and Balance Workshop”

And on a completely different, but potentially related subject…On Sunday, after my workshops with Max are complete, I’m heading immediately across the street for a sewing class I signed up for (without knowing I already had all of this other stuff going on)…another skill that I haven’t mastered that I think could quite possibly be essential for life!