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Things have been a little hairy lately, and I don’t mean I just forgot to shave.

So my husband decided it was time to get away.   Tonight we are on a road trip.  We’re not actually on the road anymore, and we’re not tripping, but we are out of town.  Right now we’re in La Quinta, USA.  Not bad.

And I guess my husband decided it wasn’t time to get away from me because we are actually in very close quarters.  A mini van is big, but not that big.

We got in the car (car, as in vehicle) without knowing where we were going.  Supposedly.  My husband had the idea to stop at the Precious Moments Chapel while we were out because we’d talked about taking our baby girl there before and I’ve never been there, but beyond that there was no real destination.

I found out tonight we’re going to Graceland…at least, we’re going to try.  We have an 8 month old driving, so the schedule is determined to some degree by diaper changes and pit stops.  And play time. ( She hasn’t lost sense of priorities yet, thank goodness!)

But the announcement that we were going to Graceland was thematic for the day. Grace is a theme that can never get old or worn out, in my opinion, by it’s nature.

I started off going to sunrise yoga, and the song played during Savasana was, to my great surprise,  “Amazing Grace.”  Amazing.

When we got to destination of the Precious Moments Chapel, we got there just in the nick of time.  We slid in right before they locked the doors and they let us stay as long as we wanted.  Grace. 

Then when the scheduler (our baby (her middle name is Grace, by the way)) decided it was time to stop driving for the night, my husband announced we were going to Graceland.  How sweet the sound.

And when some things were coming up on a Friday evening, a couple hundred (or so) miles away from home, I was able to contact my therapist and he was there and that alone helped.  That saved a wretch like me.

So now I am so tired.  So so tired.  My husband and baby are already sleeping,  and by the Grace of God I will too!

Tomorrow: The Journey takes me where it will…